Published On: Thu, Feb 25th, 2021

Daily horoscope for February 25: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac today

Venus has moved into the sign of Pisces, offering up new hope. Matters of romance and creativity will arise, but you will have the energy needed to deal with any issues. Be sure to use this energy wisely, and focus on what improvements you can make.

These could be improvements in your career or your love life.

But if you are feeling selfless, you can use this energy to make a difference to someone else.

Venus will help you make your dreams a reality, so seize the day.

Establish a plan of action early in the day and stick to it – you might not get the opportunity again.

The Moon is in Leo, which will make you more enthusiastic about the day ahead.

However, it can also make you spontaneous in your actions, so do not let it get the better of you.

Focus all of your energy on doing good today, and you will reap the rewards in due course.

The Moon in Leo will also help you be more romantic. If you have noticed lately that your relationship has been lagging or is not progressing enough, make amends today.

Take matters of the heart into your hands and you will be sure to benefit in the long run.

Horoscope Friends said: “As Venus glides into Pisces, the energy could be romantic, creative and compassionate.

“Lovely Venus is ready to bring your dreams to life, by arranging encounters with the right people.

“You never know what a smile, a compliment or a spontaneous gift from you might do to cheer up someone, and leave them smiling.

“This can be one of the best times for reaching out and discovering there is potential for a lasting soulmate bond, or perhaps a deep friendship.”

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