Published On: Tue, Nov 23rd, 2021

Future King and Queen: Kate and William body language has ‘intensified’ – expert says spoke to body language expert Judi James about and recent persona during public appearances. How do they present themselves as a united front and how will they lead the country? 

Judi said: “The signals of continuity and even a love that has matured and intensified over the last decade are important here in terms of the happiness of the couple and their approach to their future roles as King and Queen.”

The couple married in 2011 and have since then grown together to be a strong royal unit capable of being Heads of State.

While they have been through a great deal during their first decade of marriage, they have remained strong together.

“William and Kate’s body language together provides echoes of their signals of love that we saw at their wedding, almost as though time, royal crises and the birth of three adorable children has had no effect on their bonds as a couple.”

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She added: “The only subtle change is in the signals of intense admiration that William now shows openly as he gazes at his wife and which could reflect the way she has stepped up recently to show herself as a source of strength and mediation in the royal Firm.”

When the Queen was poorly earlier this month, Kate took on more royal responsibilities in her place and was a pillar of stability and strength during an otherwise unstable time.

For example, she took the queen’s place at the centre of the balcony on Remembrance Sunday as Her Majesty was recovering from spraining her back.

The couple appear extremely united.


Judi explained: “Their torso closeness and their touch rituals looks relaxed and unforced.”

“The way that Kate uses a sweet clinging gesture to hold her husband’s fingers as he holds tightly onto her leg suggests their bonds of togetherness and support are mutual.”

She elaborated: “There are also echoes of the kind of shared fun we see from the couple when they are on royal visits together, especially recently when Kate’s laughter has clearly been important for William at a time when he could be feeling under added pressure.”

With the Duke and Duchess of Sussex stepping down from their royal duties in 2020, and the Queen’s recent ill health, William and Kate have been put under excess pressure.

She said: “As the Queen and Prince Philip showed with their body language signals during their marriage, the ability to amuse one another and laugh together is a vital facet of a strong royal marriage.”

The pair were married for 73 years before Phillip passed away in April.

With intense scrutiny, constant analysis and unwavering responsibility, it is vital that royals have a sense of humour and can provide respite for their partners.

William and Kate follow in their footsteps as a happy, strong, regal married couple.

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