Published On: Wed, Apr 14th, 2021

NS&I to launch green savings bonds this year but ‘uncertainties’ remain over interest rate | Personal Finance | Finance

Ahead of the announcement of further details, Tandem Bank shed some insight on what is already known.

Safety will no doubt be a concern when it comes to a person’s money, and some may well ask if the Government’s green savings bonds are safe.

“In short, yes – because they’re backed by the Treasury, unless the UK goes bust, it’s about as safe as can be possible,” Tandem Bank said.

“Regular UK savings accounts are guaranteed up to £85,000, but it’s likely the safety net for the green bonds will be set lower than this.

“Of course, before you sign up, do read all the small print to make sure you’re protected.”

Are these bonds the only way to invest my money to save the planet?

“Not at all – there’s a growing range of other green accounts which offer decent returns on your money while investing in projects to safeguard the environment,” the challenger bank said.

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